Hello, this is David Amer – the creator of Design Your New Life. I would like to welcome you to  my website from Sydney, Australia where I live with my family.

I created “design your new life”to help mature people to design a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for themselves and their families. 

Technology is redefining retirement. The breakthroughs happening in Longevity research and medicine and the advances in Internet and Digital technology have created a paradigm shift in the human life experience, and that shift has only just begun

I will help you to understand the full potential of those advances, and the many new opportunities that have been created as a result, and teach how you can take full advantage of them to enhance your own retirement life.

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I wish you well on your journey. I look forward to working with you. To inspire and help you to create and live your personalised blueprint for a long healthy and wealthy retirement life for you and your family:)

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