Older People Have Much To Offer Their Society and Nation


Older man leading business meeting-dollar photo club
Older man leading business meeting-dollar photo club

It was good to see Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Julie Bishop, come out recently with strong support for over 60’s value to the Nation, saying “older workers have a great deal to offer in skills and experience,” and that “experience and the wisdom that comes from experience actually should count for more than it does.”

Ms. Bishop has called on Australians to better value people aged over 60, saying they “still have a great deal to offer the economy and society”.

Ms Bishop’s first ministerial appointment was in 2003 as the Minister for Ageing, so she is well qualified to speak out on this important matter.

This level of support is needed in all developed Nations to increase awareness and change the deeply entrenched views that older people are basically “past it.”

Recognition of the Value of Our Older People

As I have written on my website, one of the two key elements of my personal mission over at least the next 10 years is to:

Add my voice to the growing movement of people committed to changing the predominant belief of the governments and people of the developed nations that older people are no longer valuable members of society, able to make an economic contribution to Society or their Nation.

My mission using this website and with the help of my subscribers is to demonstrate:

· that older people still have much to offer and contribute,

Older Chef in his Kitchen
Older Chef in his Kitchen-dollar photo club

· that they have the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age and experience and are willing  and happy to share that with other people, and

· that they can make a real difference and an economic and social contribution to their Society, their  Nation and to the World.

I believe that one of the ways we can do this most effectively is by publishing stories of people who are already demonstrating that older people can and do make an economic contribution to their Society and Nation, whether they are someone who is continuing their careers into their sixties, seventies or beyond, or have started to do something completely new; maybe something they have a passion for but never really had the time to devote to that something in their working life; or someone who has started a new business using the power of the internet, which is a great new resource available for the first time to current generations of older people, and that makes starting your own business easier than ever before.

Are you willing to be part of this, to change how the people of the world see older people ? If you are, that’s fantastic. I believe this change is inevitable and that it will happen in this or the next generation, and the more people that support that change, the sooner it will happen.

So please share someone’s story with us – whoever it is, whatever they are doing, if you have a great story about someone; it might be you personally, a relative, or someone you know or know of, please let me know and if they are prepared to share their story and allow me to write about them on my website, we can start to build our case. Together we can be a much stronger force for change.


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