My Mission: Older People Are an Asset to Society and Deserve Recognition.

My Mission

“To help as many mature people as possible to create their Personal Blueprint for a Long, Healthy & Wealthy retirement life for themselves and their families.”

I have personally committed to helping thousands and thousands of people to create and take action to implement and live by their Personal Blueprint for a Long Healthy and Wealthy Life.

Through this community and by my own example, I will also make a real difference in the world, and in the lives of many more people around the world, and further the destiny we all share.

Being Wealthy in our society today is typically equated with how much money you have. But wealth can be measured in many ways

What wealth means to you comes down to your core values. You will become wealthy in whatever your highest values are. 

American essayist, poet, and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said it this way: “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” That is, true wealth is having whatever means the most to you.


“I will add my voice, as an advocate, to the growing number of people committed to getting recognition for mature people; that they are all potentially an asset to society and deserve a better, more fulfilling retirement life.” 

We will show the governments and the people of the Developed Nations that older people still have much to offer and contribute:

  • That they are an asset to society and deserve a better retirement life
  • That they have the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age and experience and are willing and happy to share that with other people.
  • That they can make a significant difference and an economic and social contribution to their Community, their Nation and to the World.

 Why I have chosen this Mission

I believe that whilst equal human rights on the basis of colour, race and religion have been recognised in the eyes of the law, in most, if not all Developed Nations, the rights of the growing numbers of older people to be given equal opportunities and respect need to be acknowledged and supportive changes implemented.

It is in the interests of all Nations and the World to utilise the wisdom and knowledge that older people have gained on their life journeys to make the present and future world a better place.

So here’s the thing:

Average life expectancy at birth in developed Nations has increased dramatically in the last 100 years; In the USA, UK and Australia by over 50% from 53 years to 80 years; and people are also staying healthy and more mobile for longer.

The main reasons for this increase have been:

– Medical and scientific research breakthroughs that are having a positive impact on human longevity.

– incredible technological improvements in computer, communications and medical technology and equipment, and

– increased public awareness as a result of the “information revolution” created by the internet and communications revolution.

For the first time ever, in many developed countries, the percentage of the population over 65 is equal to or exceeding the percentage that are 14 or under, averaging around 17%. This is due to the above factors, exacerbated by the baby boomer generation, born after World War 2, between 1945 and 1964, now reaching retirement age.

To learn  more about the longevity revolution click this link

This trend is set to continue, and potentially become an even greater issue as the “longevity revolution”, already happening  in biotechnology, medical science, genetics, nanotechnology, and 3D Printing, is going to result in a quantum leap in our lifespan; but equally important – how long we will stay healthy (i.e. our healthspan).

Robert N. Butler, M.D. President and CEO of “International Longevity Center – USA” made the following observation:

“With the longevity revolution, humankind is entering a new and unprecedented stage of development, the impact of which has been made greater because of its rapidity. –today, we are no longer limited to a life view that must accommodate itself to the historic brevity of life, to random and premature illness and death. With centenarians the most rapidly increasing age group and weekly media reports about progress in medical technology, people realistically expect longer and healthier lives.”

This trend has been concerning governments and policy makers for some time. Keeping this growing ageing population healthy and active has become crucial if we are to avoid unsustainable growth in Government debt and unsupportable strains on our health and social security systems.

So, there are many reasons why it is in everybody’s interests to solve the problems of ageing, to allow this growing generation of older people to remain healthy and active, so that they can continue to contribute to society, rather than becoming a burden that society has to bear.

The fact is that many mature people do not want to retire; they still have much to offer and want to keep contributing, not only to create additional income, but to maintain the purpose and meaning in their lives that was previously fulfilled by bringing up their children, who are by this time independent adults, and by their jobs, in which they spent a large proportion of their waking hours for some 40 years.

The good news is that, thanks to the internet revolution and vastly improved communications and computer technology, it is easier for people retiring from their old jobs to continue to contribute, and to earn the extra money they will probably need as they live longer, healthier more active lives.

So, provided we all work together, the prospects for mature people and the developed world as a whole are really bright. But if we don’t take the right actions to ensure that we maximise the potential opportunities and benefits, the road ahead will be much harder.

We have the solutions and they are revolutionary. Implemented property, they will create a paradigm shift in the human life experience.

So, let’s all commit to do what we can to make them happen in a positive way for mankind as a whole.


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