Are you aged over 50? If so congratulations. You have come to the right place.

So whether you are  50-60 and just starting to plan your ideal retirement, or over 60 already retired. but feeling there should be more too it, you will find all the information you need to design your ideal retirement life here.

The “Design Your New Life 4 Step System” has been designed to provide you with a simple, easy to follow, “Blueprint” containing all the information you need to know to make sure that your third life phase i.e. from age 60-65 onward, is Long, Healthy, and Wealthy.  

I will make sure that you are fully aware of, and kept up-to-date with the incredible developments in longevity science that can extend your life further than ever before; and the amazing new  opportunities that the internet is making possible to earn additional income in your retirement years. 

Learn the simple steps to increase your life expectancy, and how anti-aging science and medicine is creating a paradigm shift in future life expectancy. 

Please read my welcome post below to find out more.

At the end of that post I have provided a link to get you started on the core elements of the Design Your New Life 4 Part System, where you will find links to all of the cornerstone posts that explain the 4 part Design Your New Life system in detail.

I wish you well on your journey and look forward to helping you to make the most of your third life phase.



Hello, this is David Amer – the creator of Design Your New Life. I would like to welcome you to  my website from Sydney, Australia where I live.

I created “design your new life”to help mature people to design their Personalised Blueprint for a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for themselves and their families. 

Now I have used the word “Retirement” because that’s the word the world uses to define our “Third Life Phase” – i.e. from 60-65 onward. But in truth in this day and age it is anything but “retirement” as

In an article in Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, commented:

“If we were choosing a word today for what life looks like as we hit our mid-60s, 70s and 80s, it seems unlikely that we’d land on “retirement.” While these years bring many changes, for a growing number of people, this time of life is about anything but withdrawal or retreat.

After looking at many options I decided to use the term “Third Life Phase“. Our first life phase was from birth to the completion of our full-time education, and that was followed by our second life phase, our adult life: full time work and bringing up our families. So logically when we leave the full time career we spent our adult lives in, we enter the Third phase of our lives the developed world currently describes as “retirement”.

 Why I have created this website

David with 3 daughters Dec 2015

Me with my 3 teenage daughters Christmas 2015

I have created this website to help people over 50 to design a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for themselves and their families.

 Technology is redefining retirement. The breakthroughs happening in Longevity research and medicine and the advances in Internet and Digital technology have created a paradigm shift in the human life experience, and that shift has only just begun

I will help you to understand the full potential of those advances, and the many new opportunities that have been created as a result, and teach how you can take full advantage of them to enhance your own retirement life.

I will also explain what you need to be doing right now to make sure you are in the best possible position to take full advantage of the new longevity treatments and technologies as and when they become generally available.

I have designed the “Design Your New Life” website to be your “one-stop-shop” for all the important information and tools you will need to achieve your goals for your retirement years, and also to share my own personal journey with you; the experience, knowledge and wisdom I have gained, and the lessons that I have learnt, including the mistakes I have made along the way (with the benefit of hindsight there have been many).

By doing this I hope to help you to see the opportunities ahead and to inspire you take action for yourself, and to avoid the issues and mistakes I made.

During the last 5 years, I have experienced a number of significant setbacks and disappointments in my life; issues that could have easily overwhelmed me. But dealing with and, coming to terms with them; and then getting on with my life with a positive attitude and mindset, has completely and permanently changed me and my life for the better.

David Jog cropped)ppic jan 2015

David Just finished jogging Jan 2016

Having reached the age of 70, I am still fit, healthy, active and enthusiastic. I live the principles for a long healthy and wealthy life that I have shared on this website and  they are working for me. My weight and waste measurements are less than when I first got married in 1971. It really is possible.

Frankly, I have not even considered “retirement”. Like many mature men I believe I still have much to offer and contribute; valuable knowledge, skills and experience and heaps of energy and ideas.

Most importantly, I still need a purpose in my life to make it truly meaningful and enjoyable, and I intend to do that by helping other men just like you and I to get the most out of their third life phase.

My mission is to help you to design your personal long, healthy and wealthy retirement life; a life that will give you a real sense of purpose and fulfillment and enable you to make a real difference in the world, if that is something you might want to do

There will be many new opportunities for you to make your third life phase better than has ever been possible in the past

In this new age, your only limitations are your own beliefs about what you are capable of doing. You will learn how to get rid of those limiting beliefs, which were never real in the first place

Most of all I hope I can inspire you, to give you the confidence, the right mindset and sense of purpose, and the belief in yourself, so that you will take action to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

My message to mature people is that whether you are 50 to 60 and just starting to plan your retirement or over 65 and already retired, but somehow feeling that there should be more to it, there are simple things you should be doing right now to maximise the benefits for you and your family, and there are many new opportunities to make it better than ever.

So, If you are over 50 years of age, and want to design a long, happy, healthy and wealthy new life for yourself and your family, congratulations you have come to the right place.

 What do you want out of your retirement years?

In his book “Synchro Destiny” Deepak Chopra explains that our intentions spring from our Deepest Desires and that whilst our individual desires are unique to us and our specific circumstances, at the deepest level our desires are all the same. 

– We want to feel safe,

– to be happy and fulfilled,

– we want meaning and purpose in our lives,

– a sense of connection with God or spirit, and

– we want other people to respect us and love us.

So, in essence, we are all heading for the same destination, but we all take different roads on our journey and have different experiences along the road we choose. We are all unique.

 So here’s what you will need to be prepared to do

 As I said above; I have designed the “Design Your New Life” website to be your “one-stop-shop” for all the important information and tools you will need to create your personalized Blueprint to achieve your goals for your retirement years.

I have also shared my own personal journey with you; the experience, knowledge and wisdom I have gained, and the lessons that I have learnt, including the mistakes I have made along the way.

So you have the framework, the tools and the information you will need on your journey, and the benefit of my experience (which I hope you will come to nvalue as we move forward).

What you need is:

  • To be open to change,
  • to be willing to try new things,
  • to be prepared to take actions that will take you outside your “comfort zone”. Success is never found in there,
  • to be prepared to invest time and some money in your education, and
  • to be willing to make the changes you need to make to design your better third life phase.

Because it is likely that you will need to make some changes in a number of areas of your life. I certainly needed to, and I still have more to make, and I intend do whatever it takes.

Without change, progress is not possible; so I hope you are able to embrace that concept and join me, and many others just like you and I, on this life changing journey of transformation.

 My Vision and Mission

The mission I have set for myself during my third life phase, is to change forever, the widely held belief that when you retire you are, as far as society is concerned, on the scrapheap, just killing time until you pass on, and seen by many people as a burden on society. This view is outdated and simply wrong.

I intend to help as many people as possible to design a better retirement life for themselves and their families.

You can read my Mission Statement here

The really good news is – we are probably going to live a longer, healthier life than we could have expected in the past.  Major advances in biotechnology, genetics, nanotechnology and medical science are now increasing human life expectancy at an ever faster rate.

This is good news for us, and for Humanity. The world cannot afford to waste this vastly under-utilised and under-rated resource and with modern computer technology

and the internet, everything has changed.

We can continue to contribute to society and our loved ones, and to earn extra money in our later years – which we will probably need as we live a longer, healthier more active life, and best of all we can do it on our own terms, because we will be our own bosses. 

So we can work whenever and wherever we choose. As long as we have a computing device – a PC, tablet or smartphone, we can manage our business from home, sitting on a beach relaxing or wherever we can get an internet connection. Doesn’t that sound good?

 What to expect from my website going forward

The “Design Your New Life” website has been designed to make it easy for you to find all the information and guidance you might need to design a long, healthy & wealthy third life phase for you and your family, without the need to spend lots of time searching the internet, and researching hundreds of websites; that’s my job, and I will achieve that by:

– bringing together in one ”easy to use” website, all the information you will need; a “one-stop-shop” laid out within a logical framework with a step by step approach that I will guide you through,

– publishing ongoing updates on any new developments you should be aware of and telling you what it could mean for you,

– providing you with regular news and articles, expert interviews, webinars and videos covering all the elements you might need to consider when making your personal plans, and

– having a place where you can ask any questions you might have and where you can talk to other members, to share your experiences and ideas and perhaps form new mutually beneficial business relationships.

Oh, and the good news is – you will get it in plain English, with no jargon or technical stuff; just the facts you need to know and understand.

 About Me

In wrapping up, I guess you might be wondering, who is this guy and why should I listen to him?

I have given you a link to my about page below, but briefly:

In my corporate career, spanning more than 30 years,  I was CEO of two companies with annual revenues in excess of $65 and $180 million, and CFO/Finance Director of two of Australia’s Top 100 Companies.

I worked in England where I was born, the Middle East and for the last 28 years in Sydney and the Gold Coast, Australia.

I also have over 20 years of board experience, including serving on the boards of 5 significant Australasian corporations. 

I have learned (sometimes by making mistakes) how to build and grow successful and sustainable businesses.

I have been fascinated to learn more about how to live a longer, healthier, happier life. I have read, and re-read many books on all aspects of these fascinating subjects.

The knowledge, skills and experience I have been privileged to gain on my own journey have been applied in developing this new business and the same 4 part system I have applied on my own journey, will be shared with you.

If you would like to know more about me, please visit the “About” page on my website.

 My Why- Why am I doing this?

I often get asked why I am doing this.  After all it is very different to my working life for the past 40 odd years!

That’s true, but that’s also the whole point. A fresh start, something completely different, something where I could make a real difference during my third life phase.

I have a strong desire to make a real difference in the lives of as many people as possible, by helping them to make their third life phase as long, health, wealthy and fulfilling as possible.

I intend to achieve that desire by making a significant contribution to the transition of humanity to a longer, healthier lifespan, and to the recognition of the true value and potential contribution of people over 50 in this new era.

In Conclusion

I am grateful to you for taking the time to visit my website and reading this introductory post. As you have stuck with me, and hopefully I didn’t bore you too much (I can go on a bit sometimes), you are already demonstrating the characteristics we talked about above-so that’s a great start.

I hope I have managed to make you curious enough to continue to engage so that we can share our journeys and experiences together.

Helping you, and many more people like you to design a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for you and your family has become my passion and mission. I want to make a real difference in the world, and one that will lead to lasting change in the way the world perceives and treats older people.

If you have not already done so, you can download your personal copy of my brand new Free Special Report “How to Design a Long, Healthy and Wealthy Retirement Life”  Click Here For Instant Access. This report explains what you need to know to design your very own long, healthy and wealthy retirement life. I suggest you keep it handy for future reference and revision

So, if you are ready to get started, just click on the link below to view the Introduction and

Overview to the Design Your New Life 4 Part System.

There you will find links to all the introductory posts. The last link on that page will take you to the cornerstone posts that will give you a complete overview the Design Your New Life 4 part system, and how you can create your personal Long, Healthy and Wealthy Retirement Life.

Introduction and overview


PS I updated this welcome post in January 2018 after significantly upgrading my website

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