My Story

My Story

How I Got to Re-invent Myself, and How You Can To.


It has taken a lot for me to write and finally publish My Story. Yet it has also been a relief in many ways, to get it out of my head and onto paper. I have not spared myself and have included many personal truths and realisations-the mistakes made over many years and of course the benefit of hindsight, making everything, which at the time was difficult and confusing, now seems so clear.

My hope in sharing my story with you, is that I can help you on your life journey. Maybe you will recognise some of my mistakes that you may also have experienced, and hopefully some I may help you to avoid. But most of all I hope I can inspire you, to give you the confidence, the right mindset and sense of purpose to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Like many of you reading this, I realised later rather than earlier, that I had immersed myself in my work life and really not taken the time to appreciate my other life…the family, fun, let-the-guard-down, accept-life-in-all-its-abundance-and-glory type of life.

I had unconsciously allowed my career to override more important aspects of my life journey.

My Corporate Career

David during his corporate career

My Life Story-“success” in the corporate world came at a high cost to my personal life..

Sure, I was successful enough in that world…my corporate career spanned more than 30 years in Finance and General Management. I was CEO of two companies with annual revenues in excess of $65 Million, and CFO/Finance Director of two of Australia’s Top 100 Companies. I worked in England, the Middle East and for the last 28 years in Sydney and the Gold Coast, Australia.

I worked in managerial roles with many well-known Australians including Kerry Packer and Gerry Harvey, and I was told on a number of occasions that I had the ability to “make things happen and get things done, with positive outcomes.”

But what I couldn’t see was my biggest enemy and failing…

my “success” in the corporate world came at a high cost to my personal life. Whilst I saw this happening to far too many colleagues, I was too distracted to realise it was happening to me as well.

Long hours, work overload, demanding deadlines, and frustrations with obstacles frequently outside of my control, resulted in a high level of stress.

My Defining Moments

Finally, in the three years to June 2012, I experienced three major personal setbacks that caused me to re-evaluate my future life direction and purpose.

  • Firstly my partner of 15 years, and the mother of my 3 teenage daughters, and who I still loved, decided she no longer wanted to be with me. This was my second long-term relationship after my first marriage ended in 1994 and one that I was determined to make a success. Its failure has had a long-lasting impact on me to this very day.
Tasmania Holiday MA and Girls (2) 2009

My Story – Last Holiday as a Family-Tasmania 2009. As usual I was behind the camera

  • A year later I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer (which had been misdiagnosed and mismanaged) and had to have an urgent Prostatectomy, followed six months later with radiotherapy. Even as I write, this part of my journey continues, however my progress is good and I will receive treatment in the coming months that should finally eradicate it.
  • Then in Mid 2012 I found myself out of work. Despite significant progress on a business development project I was working on (something I was highly competent in) the company decided to ‘play it safe’ rather than address some staff challenges that were limiting results. The lack of top-level support made my position untenable and we parted ways.

I can tell you categorically that these adverse experiences could have easily destroyed my will to go on.

There is no doubt in my mind that these events were directly attributable to those silent killers called stress and pressure, and that I had created these with my unswerving determination to succeed in my career. I was in fact slowly killing my “self”.

Where to From Here?

So there I was… nearly 65 years old and no job, with a former partner and 3 children financially dependent on me. It soon became clear that my chances of getting a new corporate job were slim to non-existent (age prejudice is alive and well, especially in senior positions), and to be honest I had had enough.

I was ready for a completely different challenge; a reinvention. I wanted a new life.

I wanted, no I desperately needed, to pursue a totally different direction in my life; something I was passionate about and would make a difference to people’s lives. I had some ideas but had never had the time to develop them. Above everything, I wanted to do something that would make a real difference in the world.

At 65, I was still fit, healthy, active and enthusiastic; frankly I had not even considered retirement. Like many mature men I believed that I still had much to offer and contribute; valuable knowledge, skills and experience and heaps of energy and ideas. Most importantly, I still needed a purpose in my life to make it truly meaningful and enjoyable.

I grappled with how to move forward.

I applied myself in the things I love and the life practices that had helped me manage so far – meditation, healthy diet, regular exercise.

David after a run_January 2015

David after a run_January 2015

I thought I should share my weight loss story with you here.

Before I adopted a healthy diet (I have always exercised regularly and I believe that is the other key element), I had gradually crept up from 85 kg to about 92 kg.

I started to take healthy nutrition really seriously, with a focus on vegetables and fruit, including a daily Green Smoothie, which provided most of the vegetables I needed to eat daily.

As I stuck with this over time – which was actually quite easy as I became accustomed to the smoothies, vegetables and fruit; I noticed that my weight was steadily going down. I reached my original target of 85 kg in about 9 months, and my weight kept going down, without any conscious intent on my behalf; so I set myself a new goal to get to and maintain a weight below 80 kg (187 pounds), which I achieved in another 6 months.

Since then, now being completely used to my healthy diet and still exercising regularly, I am finding that weight easy to maintain.

P.S. Just to put this story in perspective I am 185.4 cm. (6 feet, one inch) tall and when I got married aged 24 years, I weighed 82 kg.

P.S.S. I admit that I am now able to indulge myself with an occasional treat, usually when I am with my 3 teenage daughters (all chocoholics), and I think that is fine once you have your weight and your mindset under control.

My former partner and I established a healthy and supportive friendship and I spent time with my kids regularly.

I studied everything I could find on longevity and aging, health and exercise and how to really enjoy growing older. I brought my life into balance and de-stressed my mind, body and spirit.

I also explored how I could apply my business skills and experience most effectively. I believe that these, together with my belief and faith in myself are my biggest assets.

David at conference speaking

My Story- Investment in Internet Marketing Training and Coaching

I quickly discovered that the internet had created many new and exciting opportunities. I became inspired and spent the next 6 months learning the skills of internet marketing, attending seminars by the top people in their field, taking online courses and reading hundreds of articles and dozens of books…all without knowing the exact path I intended to take, and at the same time studying the top websites covering the areas I was most interested in.

Then, one day in late 2012, I had my light-bulb moment.

I was out on my morning exercise routine when it suddenly hit me. I stopped, my heart was pounding, and I put my hands in the air and shouted “Of course, that’s it” I can use my own experience and the knowledge that I have gained to help men just like me to make the most of their third life phase.

I could help them to design a better retirement life for themselves and their families.


It dawned on me that the process and structure I had applied to turn my own life around, from potential disaster, to a new life in which my stress levels have returned to normal and my life is no longer a mad rush, giving me time to appreciate what I already have and to nurture my children, could be equally useful to anybody who was either planning or already living their third life-phase.

I’m here to tell you that whether you are 50 and just starting to think about your third life phase, or over 60 and already ‘retired”: YOU can design “your ideal lifestyle for your third life phase” RIGHT NOW!  

My true purpose, my vision and passion, is to share my journey and my 4 part step-by-step system with as many people like you as possible. I want to help you to:

  • create a long, happy and healthy life
  • plan for and enjoy your third life phase
  • build ongoing, additional sources of income
  • create a life with purpose, and one that you love, and
  • to contribute, in some way, to the future of humanity.

To achieve this, I know you need to be well informed – so I have brought together all the information, guidance and tools that you need to understand how the longevity revolution is going to impact you, how you can use the internet to create income possibilities you may never have imagined, and how you can enjoy your third life phase to the fullest.

This reflects years of research and a continual commitment to help you (and myself) stay up to date with the latest findings. I have created my Design Your New Life website to make a truly rewarding third life phase available to everybody.

“Design Your New Life” is your “one stop shop” covering all the areas of your lifestyle that you will need to review when you are planning your own personal long, happy, healthy and wealthy retirement life.

To give you a clearer picture of the Design Your New Life 4 part system, here is a one page summary.

I am also packaging a range of “easy to use” training and mentoring programs that men over 50 will need to design their own ideal third life-phase

The extra-good news is you will get the information you need in plain English, no jargon or technical stuff that you don’t need to know or English …100% user-friendly…no

So Where Am I right NOW? – a Retrospective

They say that hindsight is 20/20 vision. So here’s my retrospective.

I spent more than 30 years of my life building a career and income that enabled me to give my family everything they needed-except me; because I was so focussed on that career and so stressed by what it required to succeed, that I did not give them the time and attention that they deserved. That is my greatest regret.

I now see life much more clearly, having had 3 years where my stress levels have dived, my blood pressure has gone from far too high to normal, and my health and weight are where they were when I was in my early twenties.

To be honest I feel great, and my belief in myself and my ability to build the life of my dreams, for myself and my children, and at the same time to help millions of people all over the world to design their ideal third life phase, is absolute. I have the knowledge and skills, the wisdom that comes with age and experience and the positive mindset that is required to achieve great things.

My journey has not been easy, but to be where I am right now, with everything I need in place to achieve my mission in life, is simply amazing and thrilling.

I would be thrilled to have you on board, to share this amazing journey with me, and millions of other people just like us; to be part of a community that will be an example to older people around the world and that will play a significant part in changing how older people are perceived by the rest of humanity and by themselves.

Please come and grow – happiness, good health, good living!

Get started right now Just follow this link to my welcome page

My best wishes to you and your family,



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