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Hi, this is David Amer the creator of the Design Your New Life website and 4-part Blueprint for a longer, healthier and wealthier retirement life.

David-4.1Are you aged 50 or older? Whether you are between 50 and 60, still employed and just starting to plan your retirement, or over 65, already retired but feeling that there should be more to it, is your Blueprint for everything you need to know to design a better life after retirement.

Learn the simple steps to design a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for yourself and your family

In this new era “Retirement” as we knew it has changed dramatically, and has been completely redefined by technology.

So before starting on your journey to design a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for you and your family, I recommend that you read the following posts as they will set the scene for your journey; and I hope, even more importantly, help you to realise how and why everything has changed; that retirement is no longer the end, but a new beginning, and what you make of that new beginning is completely up to you

1.Welcome to My Website

2. Redefining Retirement:

3. Older People Still Have Much to Offer:

4. The Internet Has Changed Everything

5. The Design Your New Life Blueprint for a Long, Healthy and Wealthy Life


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