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If you are over 50 years of age, and want a Blueprint for a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life for yourself and your family, congratulations you have come to the right place.

The good news for all of us is that “everything has changed”. There is every chance you will live a much longer, healthier life than you expected, and there are many new opportunities for you to make your later years better than was ever possible for past generations.

The 4 Part Blueprint for a Better Retirement 

I created this website to help people over 50 to design a better retirement life for themselves and their families, and the 4 Part System I have created based on my own personal experience and research, will give you the facts, which I hope will change your beliefs about ageing. It provides a Blueprint to help you to design the life you always dreamed of when you retire from your day job.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old.
We grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

The statistics you will see, will demonstrate that average life expectancy in developed countries has increased by more than 25 years, or 50% in the last 100 years. Yet, in most developed countries, the retirement age has remained unchanged, or even gone down.

I believe that the system is outmoded as it has not kept pace with the reality of longer life expectancy. The current average life expectancy for people of 50 years of age in the developed nations is around 84 years.

Now, that was based on the current age-specific mortality rates in the population in 2011. So, given the rate of positive change that is already happening in biotechnology and medical science, this is probably a very conservative estimate  If you want to know what is possible, see my article on life expectancy.

The tools and information you might need to make those extra years as fulfilling and happy as possible for you and your family will be provided, including:

How to create the right mindset and attitude for ageing
How to stay fit and mobile
How to keep your brain active and functional
What to eat and what not to eat, to optimise your health and well being
Lifestyle choices that will promote increased longevity and good health
Meditation and spiritual growth
The importance of sleep

Exercise and physical fitness secrets for a longer healthier life
Diseases of aging and how to avoid them; they are NOT inevitable
Why your Well Being – your emotional, mental and energetic health, is as important as your physical health
How to make your relationship with your partner and family better than ever before
Personal growth and self development

You will learn how to achieve a state of well being including:

You will also be shown the ways you can harness the power of the internet, to earn additional income for you and your family. But this time round, you can be doing something you are passionate about, on your own terms, while at the same time having fun and maintaining a real sense of purpose. 

I will provide you with step-by-step instructions and resources that you can use to choose and build a business that most suits your needs and personal preferences.

In this new age, your only limitations are your own beliefs about what you are capable of doing. You will learn how to get rid of those limiting beliefs, which were never real in the first place.

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“I was a fellow Board member at AKI with David from 1998 to 2004, a period during which he as CEO led the creation of a national kitchen retailer. During this period of significant growth, I always found David to be a man of high integrity with a drive to succeed and strong work ethic.”

Steve Baldwin – Former Head of Private Equity, Colonial First State

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